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Maintaining your car is an important task that can not be ignored or forgotten.


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We use the latest diagnostic equipment to make sure your car is repaired correctly.


We are part of the TECHNET Professional Network. Certified Technicians.



We offer full service auto repair & maintenances

Electrical Service

We attend all kinds of electrical service (repair and maintenance of failures).
It includes from replacing Lights, Cables, Relays, Fuses, Modules to adaptations or custom installations required by customers for Radios (including Android Radios), Alarms, Speakers, Amplifiers, LED lights, DVD, internal and external Cameras.


Air Conditioning

We solve the most common problems in all parts of the Air Conditioner that among others can be refrigerant leaks, internal electrical clutch failures and mechanical failures. Replacement of compressor, expansion valve, all kind of hoses, Condenser, Air and cabin filters, Evaporator. Correct position of Blend Door Actuator, check of heating operation.

Injector Cleaning

This service is key to vehicle performance. We attend and provide solutions when any failure occurs related to loss of power, engine performance, inefficient combustion, high emissions, difficulty in starting, loss of power, damage to the oxygen sensor, high fuel consumption, unstable sound or vibration of the vehicle, high gas emissions, damage to the exhaust catalyst.

Warning Lights

This service includes computerized diagnosis that analyzes the possible errors that are occurring in your vehicle and allows us to know exactly how to solve it or if it requires a more technical test. Possible alerts on your vehicle can affect engine performance and lead to damage if not acted upon promptly. 



Brake Service

We provide the service of inspection, maintenance, repair and assembly of the brake system that includes all its parts, including the pedal, drum and disc, master cylinder, diaphragm, pressure chambers, valves, lines, emergency brake, anti-lock system, fluids and hoses. 



Tune Up Service

This service is key to enhance the efficiency of the engine. It includes changing spark plugs, filters (air and cabin), spark plug wires, coils when required and cleaning in the throttle body, review of the air intake hoses to the engine, may include changing belts, in case of oil leaks includes changing the engine gaskets. All of the above will provide better performance in terms of fuel consumption.

Custom Vehicle Installations

We install the latest and most sophisticated sound equipment, lights, cameras! Tell us your idea and we start it by customizing your vehicle.

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We provide a wide range of services for several car brands.

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